Special Enrollment Periods (SEP)

Now that Medicare’s Annual Enrollment Period is over, you may be wondering if you might have an opportunity to make a change to your Medicare health coverage before next year’s AEP begins on October 15. There are special circumstances that may allow you to switch plans or change the way you get your Medicare benefits throughout the year. Special Enrollment Periods can vary. “Rules about when you can make changes and the type of changes you can make are different for each SEP.” If you have … [Read more...]

A Month of Thanks and Giving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is easy to get swept up in the hectic nature of the holiday. As we run around, making plans for a well-cooked turkey and the perfect pumpkin pie, we can forget about those in our community who may need our attention during this season, especially those living in nursing homes. If you have a loved one in an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, you may want to consider ways to bring the holiday spirit to them. Here are a few ways to include your … [Read more...]

The Importance of AEP

In preparation for Medicare’s Annual Election Period, health care companies review their own plans, make changes to coverage and costs, and sometimes add valuable benefits to their packages. This is why it is important to review your current coverage and explore your options during AEP. It is possible that there may be another plan available in your area that may cost you less and offer you additional benefits. Of course, you may stick with your current coverage if you are content with it, but … [Read more...]

Medicare in the News: Fact from Fiction

With “Obamacare,” government shut-downs, and computer problems in the news over the past few months, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle of health care headlines. Understandably, Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers have a lot of questions. The Affordable Care Act has been discussed and debated for months, and there are many misconceptions about the affect it has on Medicare. For instance, according to USA Today, “about 17% of seniors incorrectly believe the Affordable Care Act … [Read more...]

AEP Guide for Caregiver’s

If your loved one is enrolled in Medicare, you may be wondering if they are getting all the information they need during this time of the year. From October 15 to December 7, Medicare’s Annual Election Period allows Medicare beneficiaries to make changes to their current coverage, sometimes discovering plans that will better meet their needs. If you are a caregiver for an aging parent, but do not have personal experience with Medicare, here are a few basics to keep in mind: Medicare’s AEP … [Read more...]

The A-B-C-D’s of Medicare

Medicare Part A Medicare Part A is “Hospital Insurance” that helps cover inpatient care in hospitals, skilled nursing facility, hospice, and home health care. Since this is the Medicare coverage most people get premium free when they turn 65 years of age, let’s delve a little deeper into these benefits. Inpatient care in hospitals includes critical access hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and long-term hospitals. (It is important to note that staying overnight in a hospital … [Read more...]

Medicare Advantage –Enrollment Periods

If you are just approaching Medicare eligibility, would like to change from Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage (MA), or would like to change your coverage from one MA plan to another, there are certain time periods that you have throughout the year to make your decision and enroll in the plan of your choice. There are specific times when you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan.  The first opportunity you have is your Initial Enrollment Period when you first become eligible for … [Read more...]

Medicare Part C: One-Stop Shopping

Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are often considered an option by those beneficiaries who prefer a “one-stop shopping” experience. Medicare beneficiaries have the choice to get their Medicare insurance coverage through Original Medicare, the federal program that administers Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance), or by getting their Medicare coverage through a private insurance company approved by Medicare to provide their Part A and Part B benefits.  The MA plans must offer … [Read more...]

Medicare Part C Eligibility

How do you know if you are getting close to Medicare eligibility? If you are approaching your 65th birthday, or are under 65 and have certain disabilities, you may be getting close. Lets start with eligibility basics… You are eligible for Part A and Part B if: You are 64 years of age and 9 months You are under 65 but qualify due to a disability or other condition You have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) You will automatically be enrolled in Part A if you already receive benefits … [Read more...]