Managing Diabetes

Don’t let a diagnosis of diabetes get you down. Managing diabetes is not only possible – it is easier than ever with the help of your Medicare coverage. Having access to Medicare’s services and supplies can help you live an active, healthy life.

Your Medicare Part B coverage likely helped your physician diagnose your diabetes. Part B covers screenings to check for diabetes for those beneficiaries who may have high risk factors, including high blood pressure, a history of abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels, or a history of high blood sugar (glucose).  You may also be considered for screenings due to family history, age, weight, and/or a history of gestational diabetes.

Once diagnosed, you and your physician can work together to decide which services and supplies will best help you manage your care, many of which are covered through Part B insurance. You may start with diabetes self-management training, as long as your doctor provides a written order to a certified self-management training program. Your coverage may help provide you with home blood sugar monitors under your durable medical equipment and supplies used with equipment including test strips, lancet devices, and lancets. Part B also covers some exams that are related to diabetes, including a foot exam every six months for individuals with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and glaucoma tests for those at high risk due to diabetes. Part B may cover medical nutrition therapy, as well as therapeutic shoes or inserts for those with severe diabetic foot disease.

Medicare Part D benefits may also help individuals with diabetes by helping to cover the costs of certain medical supplies for administration of insulin, such as syringes, needles, alcohol swabs, gauze, and inhaled insulin devices.  Part D also covers insulin that is not administered with an insulin pump.

Working with your physician, you can manage your diabetes and live an active lifestyle. Your Medicare coverage can help you balance the costs of the services and supplies you will need to maintain your health.